A Guide to Your Individual Account Plan

Your Individual Account

Fast Facts

  • Your Individual Account is valued daily. You receive notification of the availability of a statement of your account electronically after each calendar quarter unless you have elected to receive your statements by mail.
  • Your employer contributes to your Individual Account on your behalf, but you should be actively involved in the decision of how the contributions are invested. For information on investment options, see page here. The money in your account can grow based on how well your investments perform.

Your Individual Account is established once you become a Participant. Generally, deposits are made to the Individual Accounts once each month based on the employer contributions received since the last report.

Access your account information at any time

Fidelity Investment’s automated service line can provide you with information about the funds available to you for investment and/or allow you to make changes to your account or through the Internet at http://netbenefits.fidelity.com. If you prefer to talk to a Participant Services Representative, just call the same toll-free number any business day between 8:30 a.m.and Midnight (EST). To reach the automated service line or a Participant Services Representative call: 1-866-84UNION (1-866- 848-6466).