A Guide to Your Individual Account Plan

When You Can Receive Your Benefit

Fast Facts

  • You may receive your Individual Account Plan benefit as a:
    • regular retirement benefit;
    • separation benefit; or
    • disability benefit.
  • Under certain extreme circumstances, you may receive a portion of your benefits as a hardship withdrawal.
  • To receive your benefit, you must submit a written application to the Fund Office. Your benefit will not begin automatically.
  • You may elect a form of payment for your Individual Account Plan benefit. See page here for a description of your payment options.


You are eligible to receive benefits from this Plan:

  • When you retire: You must be at least age 50, and you must permanently leave covered employment;
  • When you have a severance from covered employment: If you permanently separate from covered employment you may begin receiving benefits from the Plan. To be considered “permanently separated from covered employment” you must not have worked any hours for which an employer is required to make contributions on your behalf to the Plan for a period of at least six consecutive calendar months. If you return to covered employment after a six month separation, you will not be eligible to receive benefits from the Plan; or
  • When you become totally and permanently disabled: If you become totally and permanently disabled at any age, you will be eligible to receive benefits from the Plan.

Total and Permanent Disability

You are considered totally and permanently disabled if you are unable to work in covered employment as a result of an injury or illness that is likely to continue for the rest of your life. The Trustees make the determination of your  total and permanent disability. The Trustees may:

  • rely on a Social Security Disability Award;
  • require you to submit medical reports; and/or
  • undergo a physical exam by a physician of the Trustees’ choosing.

Your Payment Options

When you become eligible to receive your Individual Account Plan benefit,you elect how you would like to receive your benefit. Your payment optionsdepend on whether you are married or single on your effective date. Forinformation about the options available to you, refer to the next chapter.

In order to begin receiving benefits under the Plan, you must submit awritten application to the Board of Trustees. When you are ready to apply,contact the Fund Office for the necessary forms. See page here for more information