Receiving Your Benefit

You may receive your benefit in several optional forms. In general, you may receive your benefit as:

  • If you are married, as a 50% Spousal Annuity or 75% Optional Spousal Annuity;
  • a Life Annuity;
  • a single lump sum payment;
  • monthly installment payments for up to 120 months; or
  • a combination of a lump sum payment and installment payments.

Benefit payment options are described in detail here. You are eligible to receive benefits from this Plan if:

  • you retire (at age 50 or older);
  • you separate from service;
  • you become totally and permanently disabled; or
  • in certain cases of extreme hardship, if you are at risk of losing your home or have significant medical expenses. (See page here for more information on hardship withdrawals.)

These Life Events are described in detail here