A Guide to Your Individual Account Plan

Life Events

At certain times in your life, you may experience events that can affect your rights under the Plan.

Fast Facts

  • If you marry, your spouse is by law the beneficiary for at least 50% of your Individual Account. Your spouse may waive his or her right as a beneficiary at the time you apply for benefits, and you may name someone other than your spouse to be your beneficiary with your spouse’s written notarized consent.
  • If you divorce after you retire, your Individual Account Plan benefit will remain the same unless a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is filed that directs otherwise.
  • If you become disabled, you may be eligible to receive your Individual Account Plan benefit, regardless of your age.

What is your “effective date?”

Your effective date is the date your Individual Account Plan benefit begins.

Contacting the Fund Office

If you experience a life event, contact the Fund Office:

10003 Derekwood Drive, Suite 130
Lanham, Maryland 20706-4811

Phone: 301-731-1050

Fax: 301-731-1065

General Email: info@ ewtf.org