Investment of Fund Assets

Your Investment Options

Fidelity and the Fund Office maintain a list of the investment options currently available to Participants . You may also view this list on the Plan’s website at Note that the Trustees, acting on advice from Fund professionals, may occasionally makes changes to these options depending on performance and other factors. If an investment option in which you are participating is changed, you will be notified in advance and given the opportunity to reassign your option. If you do not reassign your opyion, the funds in that particular option will be invested in the default option (the ageappropriate Fidelity Freedom Fund).

Access your account information any time

Fidelity Investment’s automated service line can provide you with information about the funds available to you for investment and/or allow you to make changes to your account or through the Internet at If you prefer to talk to a Participant Services Representative, just call the same toll-free number any business day between 8:30 a.m. and Midnight (EST). To reach the automated service line or a Participant Services Representative call: 1-866-84UNION (1-866-848-6466)


Visit the Fidelity Investment website at for information about your options.

The Fidelity Freedom Fund that corresponds with a Participant’s age is the Plan’s Default Option. If you do not direct the investment of all or any portion of the money in your Individual Account, the balance of your account that you do not self-direct will be invested in an ageappropriate Fidelity Freedom Fund.