Investment of Fund Assets

Fidelity® Portfolio Advisory Service at Work (PAS-W)

Fidelity® Portfolio Advisory Service at Work (“PAS-W”) is a managed account service that invests your Individual Account in one of several model portfolios created from a mix of the Plan’s investment options. The Service is managed by Strategic Advisers, Inc., a registered investment adviser and a Fidelity Investments company. The investment options selected are spread among broadly diversified investment types designed to help enhance growth and manage risk. When you enroll in PAS-W, you are assigned to a model portfolio based on either your investment time horizon, or on your financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon, depending upon what you choose during enrollment. Once enrolled, your current workplace savings account balance will be reallocated to align with the investment allocation of your assigned model portfolio; future contributions will also be invested according to this model portfolio.

While enrolled in PAS-W, you are delegating the ongoing management of your Individual Account to PAS-W. You will not be able to make any exchanges among investment options or otherwise direct or restrict the management of your Individual Account. PAS-W will allocate and, when appropriate, reallocate the assets in your Individual Account to ensure that it stays in balance with the model portfolio’s current mix of investments. Whenever your Individual Account is reallocated or rebalanced to fit your model portfolio, you will receive a confirmation detailing the transactions. You will also receive prospectuses for any investment option you did not previously own.

There is a fee associated with this service, and you may opt out of the PAS-W at any time.

For more information regarding Fidelity® Portfolio Advisory Service at Work, or to enroll, log onto NetBenefits® at or call a Fidelity Representative at 866-811-6041.