A Guide to Your Individual Account Plan

Investment of Fund Assets

Fast Facts

  • The Trustees currently offer Plan Participants eleven different investment options including the Fidelity Freedom Funds. You can direct the money in your Individual Account into as many of these options as you would like.
  • You may change how the money in your Individual Account is allocated at any time. There are separate elections for the investment of existing balances and the investment of future contributions.
  • The assets in your Individual Account that you do not allocate will be invested in the Fidelity Freedom Fund that corresponds to your age (the Plan’s “Default Option”).

This Plan is designed to comply with Section 404(c) of ERISA and Title 29, Section 2550.404c-1 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Generally, this means that the Plan provides you the opportunity to exercise control over the assets in your Individual Account and the opportunity to choose from a broad range of investment alternatives.

The Plan gives the Trustees the right to establish separate investment funds that are characterized by investments in specific types of securities and other investment vehicles. You may choose how your Individual Account is to be allocated among these investment funds.

The Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for holding and investing all assets held in the Plan. Its goal in selecting the investment funds available to Participants is to obtain the highest return consistent with safe and prudent financial management and to offer Participants diverse investment options so as to minimize risk.

It’s Your Choice

You may direct that all or a portion of your Individual Account be placed in one or more of the investment funds offered by the Trustees. On a daily basis you may direct or redirect the investment fund (or funds) in which your Individual Account is to be invested and, separately, direct or redirect the investment of future contributions made on your behalf. While you have the right to direct the investment of your Individual Account, the Trustees have a duty to ensure that the administrative procedures, policy guidelines and investment manager selections necessitated by this type of investment program are established and carried out in a thorough and prudent manner.